PNL Welcomes Study Tour Visit to SMA Negeri 1 Julok, East Aceh

Lhokseumawe – Vice Director III of the Lhokseumawe State Polytechnic (PNL) Ir. Sariyusda, M.T. welcomed a study tour visit by Julok 1 Public High School students, East Aceh, in the PNL campus courtyard on Wednesday (22/02/2023).

The principal, Dra, led the Study Tour activity for SMA Negeri 1 Julok. Cut Nurbaiti with 35 grade 3 students and two supervising teachers

In his remarks, Sariyusda explained briefly about PNL, which is the number 2 best Vocational campus in Indonesia.

"At PNL, we have six departments and 28 study programs, and we have opened an Applied Masters or Masters program," he explained.

Furthermore, Sariyusda hopes that students participating in the Study Tour will not waste the current opportunities.

"Take advantage of the opportunity when you have as many questions as possible regarding the tools and their functions in the laboratory. I hope this activity can open the younger generation's horizons to continue their education to tertiary institutions," Sariyusda hoped.

In this Study Tour, all students are taken around to the Departments and laboratories in PNL