Research Roadmap

Based on the track record of research titles at the Center for Research and Community Service (P3M), regarding the national research agenda (ARN), and the Master Plan for the Acceleration and Development of the Indonesian Economy (MP3EI), leading research at Politeknik Negeri Lhokseumawe will be prioritized in the next five years (2015-2019) as follows:

Energy Convertion and Renewable energy

  • Utilization of appropriate technology for the production of biogas and biodiesel as well as bioethanol from renewable energy sources

  • Energy management, low-temperature process, utilization of waste materials, automotive

  • Conversion of biomass into biofuels, alternative fuels, energy conversion

  • Development of new and renewable energy technology through the utilization of local resource potential

Computing, information-communication Systems, and technology

  • Database development, implementation of local area network (LAN)

  • Development of sensor, controller, and robotics technology

  • Microcontroller technology design

  • Information and communication technology, transportation, automation/systems

  • Network/web-based management information system development

Water and Waste Treatment

  • Utilization of science and technology in the context of waste management and water treatment to improve people's welfare

  • Industrial waste treatment and management

  • Sustainability of water resources, water purification

  • Membrane technology, Reverse osmosis, Biocoagulants, biopolymers

  • Ecological design and water and environmental sustainability

Concrete, Structure, Geotechnics, and Construction Management

  • Development of water resources for transportation and irrigation

  • Earthquake resistant structures, ecological design, green materials

Material Engineering, Appropriate technology innovation, and Industry

  • Utilization of science and technology in the context of increasing the quality and quantity of production and improving people's welfare

  • Utilization of solid waste for a mixture of civil building construction materials

  • Material engineering based on Nanomaterials

  • Testing the physical-chemical properties of materials/machine tools designed for appropriate technology

  • Food processing technology development and utilization

  • Fuel-efficient motor vehicle innovation

  • Process industry development

Economics, management, and entrepreneurship

  • Increase productivity and quality, Increase research efforts in all potentials that are able to create superior quality products

  • Entrepreneurship-based education model in the creative industry

  • Product, process & management, business feasibility study

  • Modeling in improving the community welfare business management system; behavioral studies: organizations, consumers, markets

  • Communications, religions, languages

Humanities, Culture and Information

  • Moral development, character, and integrity

  • The balance of hard skills and soft skills, cooperation, and social care