Applied Research


Applied research aims to find solutions to specific problems or to assess the level of technological readiness from level 4 (four) to level 6 (six) (six). Applied research is used to solve real-world challenges. The applied research results should not be defended in front of specialists or archived in a library; instead, they should be put to the test in the real world, with the implementation able to handle the challenges at hand. Because many problems demand prompt attention, accuracy should not limit the speed with which research is implemented.

Applied research is undertaken because humans require a solution to a situation in which there is a mismatch between expectations and reality in the circumstances in which they find themselves. Applied research will be of little help if this need is not met because many things need to be perfected for life to improve.

The characteristics of applied research are not much different from those in the research methodology. The characteristics referred to are as follows:

1.  Applied research is an activity carried out to find objective truth. Data as scientific evidence to support the truth of the applied research results is data that comes from the first (primary) source to ensure its authenticity and accuracy so that it can be trusted.

2.  Applied research must use appropriate methods. The method used must be under work procedures followed with accuracy to produce an accountable truth.

3.  Applied research needs to use theories or experiences that are useful because these theories and experiences are not only used in the preparation of the theoretical framework but also in compiling conclusions and results that are linked to the data that has been collected.

4.  Applied Research uses data collected entirely and objectively. The data collected must cover all matters relating to the problem. Researchers should not be biased in data collection which only collects data that supports or vice versa because it has an impact on non-objective truth results

5.  Applied research does not only present data but also processes data both quantitatively and qualitatively. Data processing guarantees conclusions that will be used in solving problems.

6.  Applied research is reported in a clear, systematic, and objective manner so that it is easy for readers to understand so it can be useful.

7.  Applied research usually focuses on natural phenomena or social phenomena with various shortcomings or weaknesses that are detrimental to humans if left alone. To prevent this condition, proper treatment is needed so that applied research focuses more on the principle of its usefulness in real life

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