Community Service



Community service is the implementation of the practice of science, technology, and cultural arts directly in the community institutionally through scientific methodologies as the dissemination of the Tri Dharma (Three Pillars) of Higher Education and noble responsibility to develop community capabilities to accelerate the growth rate of achieving national development goals.


The objectives to be achieved through community service activities are as follows:

1.    To increase the speed of increasing the capacity of human resources following the rate of development growth.

2.    To increase the speed of community development efforts towards establishing a harmonious and dynamic society that is ready to make changes towards improvement and progress by socio-cultural values and norms in the life of a developing community in the life of the prevailing society.

3.    To increase the speed of efforts to foster community institutions and professions is in accordance with the rate of growth of the modernization process in people's lives themselves.

4.    To obtain feedback and input for the faculty to increase the relevance of education, it is necessary to have experts who have interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary abilities.


The targets of community service are as follows:

1.    Communities outside campus need help and guidance to improve their problem-solving skills to support development. What is prioritized are those who have strategic priority positions in the community, including elements of leadership, youth or youth who can multiply and disseminate the results of community service activities.

2.    Special education communities, in accordance with priorities in the fields of science, population, and the environment, as well as educational institutions and community institutions that require special guidance and development