Zakat is not valid without going through Amil: UPZ-PNL on zakat Training

Lhokseumawe - The Training for the Preparation of the Annual Zakat (Islamic Obligatory Alms) Report was carried out by the Zakat Collection Unit (UPZ-PNL) of the Lhokseumawe State Polytechnic. This activity took place over two days, on October 12 and 13, 2022, and was designed for UPZ-PNL managers, Albayan Mosque Management, PNL Social Agency, and the Head of UPT.

In his presentation, Dr Ir. H. Ridwan, MT, the Chairman of UPZ PNL, noted that there are still uncertainties surrounding zakat management, as well as advantages and disadvantages.

"I still have a lot of questions about the zakat because there are still advantages and disadvantages to its application. To distribute zakat following religious directives, we, therefore, hope that our friends in PNL "The previous period, the former PNL Director said.

Ridwan hopes that two presenters from Baitul Mal, Aceh Province, can shed light on this to help his PNL party succeed as zakat collectors.

"We require a breakthrough to persuade our friends to give zakat. We from UPZ-PNL are constantly questioned because there is a presumption among friends that zakat management is not yet transparent,” said Ridwan.


"For that, we hope that the presenters in this two-day training can explain to friends at PNL about zakat. Because the potential of zakat is extraordinary, because this is a great opportunity in empowering zakat funds," concluded Ridwan while thanking the leadership of the PNL institution that supports this activity.

The PNL Vice Director for Academic Affairs, Students and Alumni, Ir. Zamzami, ST, M.Eng, stated in his remarks that those in attendance today have achieved a significant breakthrough.

"We must achieve a breakthrough to do that. As a result, this is convenient because it makes paying zakat simpler for us, "Zamzami said.

The existence of pros and cons is necessary, in Zamzami's opinion, "because the pros must agree, while the cons must find loopholes," he said.

"We support this activity; our hope is for the presenters to transmit the success of zakat management so that PNL can be successful, and if necessary, it can reach alumni," hoped Zamzami.

Zamzami hopes that UPZ-PNL will be able to assist underprivileged students with the incoming zakat funds, if at all possible.

"Another thing is that we hope to be able to pray for our colleagues' willingness to distribute zakat via UPZ. Additionally, this will be handled openly, no attempt is being made to embezzle the incoming zakat funds, "Zamzami said.

Meanwhile, Shawan Bandadeh, S.H.I., M.S., a professional at Baitul Mall Aceh, stated in his presentation that the management of zakat in Aceh Province is distinct from that in other Indonesian provinces.


"In Aceh, the management of zakat is managed by the Baitul Mall Agency which is authorized by the government, zakat and infaq [voluntary charity] go to regional incomes. There is a question, why does the state manage zakat? But for Aceh, it is managed specifically," he said.

According to Shafwan, what has been done by PNL should be appreciated, namely by forming UPZ, "perhaps this is still an embryo; we hope it continues to develop until it can have a legal entity so that it can be useful for the community," he hoped.


The Trienggadeng Pidie Jaya native claims that zakat has a religious mandate enshrined in several verses of the Koran as its foundation.

"Giving zakat will increase the blessings of our wealth rather than lessen them. There are two different types of zakat: zakat fitrah [before celebrating Eid Fithr] and zakat mal [assets, salary], both of which refer to property, "He clarified.

According to Shafwan, zakat can also be strengthened through social activities in the form of financial aid, non-cash aid, access to public resources, and assistance.

He explained that the goal of consumptive zakat is to meet a Mustahik's basic needs and prevent him from begging, among other things.

The next speaker is Drs. Sayed Muhammad Husein, who is also from Baitul Mal Aceh, said that UPZ has a small position and role, "but don't be discouraged, because it must continue to be developed until it becomes a legal entity," he advised.

He added that what is essential is how to maximize the zakat program or the term fundraiser.

I believe we must have information on the Muzakki candidate, and in a structure like the PNL, it should be reasonably simple. We need alumni database if the audience for muzakki is alumni, he continued.

He asserts that the most crucial factor is that the program must engage in capturing Muzzakki's interest.

The muzakki must be informed that their zakat is invalid if it is distributed independently without going through the amil zakat agency, he said, adding that "all potentials must be utilized.".

For your information, this training activity was carried out using DIPA PNL 2022 funds through Community Service (PKM).