Educating the Community through P2MD: Fordima LDK PNL Student Activity Unit

North Aceh - UKM Fordima LDK Lhokseumawe State Polytechnic (PNL) held socialization of the Village Community Empowerment Program (P2MD) with the name ‘Mon Rumpuen’ Farmer Group and the group title "Improving Community Economy through Double Profit Catfish with the BUDIKDAMBER System."

Monika Agustina, the leader of the Mon Rumpuen Farmer's Group, reported that this socializing activity took place on Thursday, July 21, 2022, for two hours from 10 to 12. The event was place at Meunasah Pulo Blang Trieng village in the Syamtalira Bayu District, North Aceh Regency Village.

"The purpose of this socialization activity is to enlighten and acquaint the village community with BUDIKDAMBER activities. Following this socialization, the community will also receive more training, according to Monika.

The village community's creativity and inventiveness will hopefully be enhanced by this activity, which Monika also hopes will help the local economy. She also looks to the neighborhood for support and cooperation.

The community, according to Monika, was excited to take part in this socializing exercise, which was attended in person by Tuha Peut [village legislatives], Imeum Gampong [religious leader], village communities, and other village leaders.

Rudi Syahputra S.T., M.Eng., the group supervisor, said in front of the communities that the P2MD Program is a government-funded initiative, and any funds expended must be afterward reported and justified.

“Students that are a part of the P2MD group will connect with the local population directly while out in the field because they still have a lot to learn,” said Rudi.

It is intended that through this activity, students and the community may work together and support each other for the success of this program. "In the sense that when students train village communities, it does not mean they are better than the community," he stated.