Improve Lecturer Competence, TRM Department of Mechanical Engineering PNL Holds Competency Training

A CNC Programming Competency Certification Training with a Siemens Controller was held by the Manufacturing Engineering Technology Study Program, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Lhokseumawe State Polytechnic (PNL). The action lasted five days and was launched on Monday (10/1/2022).

In a statement, Bukhari, ST., MCSE, the head of the Manufacturing Engineering Technology Study Program, said that eight lecturers from the Mechanical Engineering Department and one education staff (PLP) had received training in operating machine tools based on Computer Numerical Control (CNC).

“The goal of this training is to improve the skill of lecturers and PLP staff in the field of CNC-based machine tool operation,” he explained.

Furthermore, according to Bukhari, the implementation of this activity will improve the quality of the practical learning process in the mechanical engineering department in general, as well as the unique benefits of the manufacturing engineering technology study program in particular.

“The goal of this activity is to expand the number of lecturers with competency certifications that are in line with industry requirements and needs,” Bukhari stated.

Meanwhile, Zamzami, ST., M.Eng, Vice Director I for Academic, Student Affairs, and Alumni, said that in the future, we aim to continue to conduct competency certification training like this to expand the number of lecturers with competency certification.

"I hope that the participants in this training stay focused and complete the training for the PNL campus's advancement," Zamzami said.