The SMK-PK Assistance Team from PNL Visits SMK Negeri 1 Bener Meriah

Bener Meriah- The Center for Excellence Vocational High School (SMK-PK) assistant from the Lhokseumawe State Polytechnic (PNL) visited SMK Negeri 1 Bener Meriah, Saturday, (03/09/2022).

SMK Negeri 1 Bener Meriah, one of the superior SMKs that managed to win the SMK-PK Program from the ministry, is running this SMK-PK for the second year.

The day's activities, according to the acting head of SMK Negeri 1 Benar Meriah Husaini ZK, S. Pd, were mentoring activities for SMK-PK from PNL.

“We believe that the arrival of the PNL SMK-PK Assistance Team will ensure the success and maximization of this activity. "The PNL SMK-PK assistant emphasized the importance of this activity," Husaini said.


Husaini in front of the SMK-PK Assistance Team from PNL also explained that related to the activities of the SMK-PK Program; his party had started to carry out several activities.

"The activities of the Advanced Scheme of SMK-PK at SMK Negeri 1 Bener Meriah, we have carried out several activities, we also continue to coordinate with the department," explained Husaini.


"We will continue to carry it out until it is completed, following the timeline we have provided. I am new here and would appreciate some guidance and assistance. Of course, we are ready to be evaluated under our previous report," he continued.


Furthermore, Ir. Azwar Yunus, ST., M.Sc, Assistant Coordinator from PNL, stated that his party's visit to SMK Negeri 1 Bener Meriah was the first visit for this year's follow-up activities.


"Our presence today is the first in-person visit this year, but we continue to communicate," said Azwar.


Azwar also emphasized that according to his party's authority as an SMK-PK Assistant appointed by the ministry, his party will continue to assist and provide the best advice so that every agenda that has been scheduled can be carried out correctly.


"We will continue to assist and provide suggestions regarding SMK-PK activities at SMK Negeri 1 Bener Meriah, so that all planned programs can run on time," concluded Azwar, who was accompanied by Syaifuddin, ST., MT, and Dr. Irwin Syahri Cebro, ST., M.Si, PNL's SMK-PK assistant.


Just to be clear, the SMK-PK program is a ministry initiative that hopes to produce graduates who are immersed in the workforce or become entrepreneurs through an in-depth alignment of vocational education with the workplace. It is hoped that the quality improvement center and other vocational references are anticipated.