SMKN 1 of Nisam Visited JTE Laboratory of PNL

Lhokseumawe - On Monday, (28/11/2022), a number of Nisam 1 Vocational High School students visited the PNL Electrical Engineering Department (JTE) Laboratory as part of the implementation of the MoU and MoA between the Lhokseumawe State Polytechnic (PNL) and the Nisam 1 State Vocational High School (SMKN 1).

Nisam Alfitri Yatmis, S.Pd., Head of the Automotive Department at SMK Negeri 1, led the visit.

Alfitri Yatmis expressed his heartfelt appreciation for the warm welcome in his remarks.

"As this is my first time bringing my students for a comparative study, perhaps we are lacking in coordinating our students who are very busy," he explained.

Furthermore, Alfitri Yatmis said he was very impressed with the excellent service from the academic community.

I was very impressed with his service, explaining and responding to all student inquiries while demonstrating how all the electrical engineering machines and technology function.

"We hope that there will be an ongoing PNL program for SMKN 1 Nisam, for example, training, seminars, or research involving our students to play an active role and broaden their horizons in the field of Engineering," said Alfitri. "With the collaboration between PNL and SMK N 1 of Nisam that has been established." Yatmis

Vice Director I for Academic, Student and Alumni Affairs Ir. Zamzami, ST. M. Eng. extended a warm welcome to the students from SMKN 1 of Nisam.

In his speech, Zamzami stated, "We warmly welcome the visit while maintaining cooperation."

The laboratories in PNL serve the purpose of boosting student competency, according to Zamzami as well.

Take advantage of this chance, do not be afraid to ask questions, and learn as much as possible about the tools and how they work, said Yassir.