PT. PAG Collaborates with PNL to Conduct Welding Training for Youths in 13 Villages

PT. Perta Arun Gas (PAG) and the Lhokseumawe State Polytechnic (PNL) performed welding instruction for 26 youngsters from 13 villages located in the PAG environment. The 10-day course began on Thursday, June 6, 2012, at the PNL Welding Technology Laboratory.
Ir. Muhammad Hatta, S.ST.,MT, Coordinator of Public Relations and Cooperation for PNL, stated that up to 26 youngsters would be educated to operate various welding equipment currently in use in the field, as well as fundamental welding skills for beginners. In addition, the trainees were taught how to use a cutting, grinding machine.
“All participants in this program were trained by four PNL academics who already have welding qualifications and who also work as instructors to ensure that participants quickly acquire the instructions offered,” he said.
“The desired aim from both PNL and PAG is that after completing this training, the youths will be able to manufacture things that are accepted in the market or utilized daily and will be able to raise their economic revenue,” said the man who is familiarly called as Bung Hatta.
All participants were highly excited about participating in the training and listening to the instructor's directions, according to the PNL Public Relations Team's monitoring. Ujong Pacu, Meunasah Dayah, Blang Panyang, Padang Sakti, Blang Pulo, Meuria Paloh, Paloh Punti, West Batuphat, Ujong Blang, Cot Trieng, Batuphat Timur, Blang Naleung, Blang Mee are the 13 villages in the PAG environment.