PNL Wins Model Taxpayer Award

Lhokseumawe - The Lhokseumawe State Polytechnic (PNL) won an award from the Directorate General of Taxes KPP Pramatama Lhokseumawe in the category of agency taxpayers in the Awarding of exemplary taxpayers in 2022 with the theme "Patriotic Taxpayers of the Nation" which was held at the Rajawali Hotel Lhokseumawe on Tuesday (14/02/2023) ).

The award was handed over directly by the Head of KPP Pratama Lhokseumawe M. Taufiq Hidayatullah A.M. It was received now by the Vice Director III of PNL Ir. Sariyusda, M.T and witnessed directly by the Acting Mayor of Lhokseumawe Dr Drs. Imran, M.Sc.

In his remarks, Sariyusda expressed his gratitude for the award given to PNL.

"This is inseparable from the discipline and support of the entire academic community so that the PNL can pay taxes on time," he said.

"Hopefully, in the future, PNL will continue to contribute to regional tax revenues," hoped Sariyusda

Dandim 0103/Aut Lt. Col. Inf Hendrasari Nurhono S.I.P., MIP, President Director of PT. PHE Hendro Kusriadi, District Secretary, were also present at the award event. Dr A. Murtala M. Si of North Aceh, Asmin Daeli of the Lhokseumawe Branch Post Office, and other invited guests