The Vice Director for Academic, Student and Alumni Affairs of PNL Remarks Hopes at the Closing of PKKMB PNL 2022

Lhokseumawe - Campus Life Orientation for New Students (PKKMB) at The Lhokseumawe State Polytechnic (PNL) has ended. The four-day event, which took place from Monday, August 29, 2022, to Thursday, September 1, 2022, was closed by Ir. Zamzami, ST., M.Eng., Vice Director for Academic, Student, and Alumni Affairs on Thursday (01/09/2022).

"The PKKMB in 2022 should benefit new students; one can only hope. So that new students can adjust to academic and environmental activities at PNL more quickly," said Zamzami at the closing of the PKKMB.

According to Zamzami, the primary responsibility of a student is studying.

"Hopefully, you are all prepared to be students; you must be able to make your parents proud. Do not whine; mentally prepare yourselves for campus life. The priority is discipline, "thought Zamzami.


For your information, over 1,400 PNL new students are taking part in PKKMB under the theme "Growing students with a Madumanis character (Mandiri 'independent', Peduli 'caring,' and humanis 'humanist') who are ready to welcome the golden generation."."


The PKKMB activity, which was held for four days at PNL this year, was unlike similar activities conducted in the past in that it was more of a campus orientation than hazing. Elegant and humanist all at once. Novi Quintena Rahayu, SH.,MH, the Chairperson of the PKKMB Committee for 2022, said as much.

"We, the institution's committee, supervise the senior students who serve as the committee each day to ensure that they treat new students with the decency and humanity that the theme calls for. Additionally, we ensure that no contacts occur during PKKMB activity in 2022. It is therefore exquisite, "said the lecturer for the PNL Electrical Engineering Department.

Novi, as this tall woman is commonly known, commented on the PKKMB implementation by saying that everything went according to plan and without any issues.


"Nothing went wrong. Everything went as planned. Thank God, everything was done as it was supposed to be. Thank you to the senior students who worked hard and devoted their energy to this PKKMb activity, as well as to all the institutional committees who collaborated on it, "finished Novi.