Strengthen Vocational Education, PNL, the Aceh Education Office, and all Education Office branches Signed the MoU

Lhokseumawe - The Lhokseumawe State Polytechnic (PNL) and the Aceh Education Office signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) describing the nature of their partnership. On Friday (13/01/2023), a series of ceremonies were held in the Hall of the Third Floor of the PNL Building in Buketrata, Lhokseumawe City, for the signing of the MOU.

The MoU was signed by PNL Director Ir. Rizal Syahyadi, ST.,M.Eng.Sc, while the Aceh Education Office was represented by SMK Head Dr. Asbaruddin, S.TP., MM., M.Eng. In addition to the MOU inked with the Education Office, MOUs were also made with the Heads of Service Branches throughout the Aceh Province.

According to the terms of the MOU, the period of cooperation between PNL and the Aceh Education Office would last for five years. The scope of the two parties' collaboration includes education, research, community service, and human resource development.

SMKN 3 Takengon, Central Aceh, and SMKN 1 Bener Meriah. Jantho 1 Vocational School, Aceh Besar; Karang Baru 2 Vocational School, Aceh Tamiang; Al-Mubarkeya Vocational School, Aceh Besar; SMKN 3 Takengon, Central Aceh; and Al-Mubarkeya Vocational School, Aceh Besar.

In his remarks, Didi, also known as PNL Director Rizal Syahyadi, highlighted that the world of vocational education would be much smaller without the contribution of vocational practitioners.

"Vocation will be a large part of our profession," he stated.

"Innovation is impossible without teamwork. While we are from the 20th century, we are currently educating the generation of the 21st century "He proceeded.

According to Didi, the education provided by SMK is identical to that provided by polytechnics at various educational levels.

Didi stated, "Let's develop a curriculum that is focused on the working world."

Didi further noted that it was uncommon for SMK kids to enroll in PNL "Currently, sixty percent of PNL students attend SMK. Because SMK and polytechnics are in the same vocational cluster, SMK graduates should be qualified to proceed on to polytechnics "concluded Didi.

In his remarks, Asbaruddin stated that the curriculums of polytechnics and vocational schools were identical.

"Cooperation and collaboration are, thus, highly relevant. Therefore, it is essential to maintain connections and friendships. To improve vocational education, particularly in Aceh Province, and to invite all Cabdin to join actively in establishing partnership with PNL, "said Singkil's offspring.

In the meantime, in front of invited visitors, Vice Director I of PNL Ir. Zamzami, ST., M.Eng explained that PNL has 28 study programs, including 15 DIV study programs, 12 DIII study programs, one applied Masters study program, and one D2 study program.

Zamzami stated that there are currently more over 4,000 female and male PNL students, while there are 293 professors, including one professor, S3 and S2.

Zazami said, "Currently, there are 95 BNSP-licensed assessors with 28 schemes and 181 educational staff at PNL."