Academic Director of Vocational Higher Education attended 2022 PKKMB PNL activities

Lhokseumawe - Beny Bandanadjaya, ST.,MT, Academic Director of Vocational Higher Education, attended the Campus Life Orientation Activities for New Students (PKKMB) 2022 Lhokseumawe State Polytechnic (PNL) that began on Monday, (29/08/2022) at the PNL Auditorium Building.

Beny Bandanadjaya, who has been serving as the Director of Vocational Higher Education for the Directorate General of Vocational Education since June 2020, welcomed and enthused the freshmen about the benefits of pursuing a career in vocational education in front of them..

According to Beny Bandanajaya, "Vocational education is education that prepares students to become professionals and have skills." Beny asserts that communication skills are necessary in addition to working skills. Because of this, the Ministry supports the development of soft skills, which Merdeka Learning supports. "Don't just chase a good GPA; but it does not mean that a bad GPA is acceptable; instead, look for [other] achievements,".

"In front of more than 1,400 new PNL students, the man born in Jakarta who received his doctorate in 2009 said, "Lecture is not something that is comfortable. There are heavy feelings, many challenges, [then all of that requires determination]". Beny Bandanajaya stated that there are currently 44 polytechnics and 5 community academies in Indonesia during a non-formal speech he gave in front of freshmen PNL students.

The Student Creativity Program (PKM), Village Community Empowerment Program (P2MD), Student Competency Certification (Sertikom), Indonesian International Student Mobility Award (IISMA), Entrepreneurship Merdeka (WMK), and Teaching Campus, among others, are among the numerous student programs that he oversees as the Director General of Vocational Education.

The same opportunities are available to everyone, according to Beny Bandanadjaya, who listed numerous programs that vocational students can benefit from.

He also discharged several PNL students from various programs at that time who had completed overseas internships.

Concluding his remarks, Beny Bandanadjaya said, "Congratulations to those who accepted [to study] abroad. This is undoubtedly something to be very proud of and should be emulated by younger students.