Community of PNL GenBI Scholarship Recipients Together with PMI Held Blood Donation

Lhokseumawe – Community of Bank Indonesia Scholarship Recipients New Generation of Indonesia (GenBI) of Lhokseumawe State Polytechnic Commissariat held a Blood Donation with the Indonesian Red Cross and Socialization on the National Movement for Food Inflation Control on Saturday (10/09/2022) at Sudirman Square. 

This activity is carried out to reduce the need for blood for fellow humans in order to save the lives of others later if necessary. Aside from that, Bank Indonesia KPW Lhokseumawe employees helped to liven up the event by hosting an educational rupiah game and introducing the 2022 emission paper rupiah denomination.


"The event was successfully carried out with the achievement of 48 bags; thank you for the contribution of the Lhokseumawe community. I hope this can be of worship value, I think so that we can save our brothers and sisters in need later," said Brian Zurifqyaldi, Chairman of GenBi PNL.


"As we see the current conditions, the prices of basic necessities tend to rise, so we intervened by socializing by distributing chili seeds to those who came to donate blood; this is one of Bank Indonesia's ideas to save us all from the dangers of food inflation; and, of course, as a PNL GenBI, it is necessary to support every Bank Indonesia program for the welfare of the Indonesian people," Brian explained.

Furthermore, Brian Zurifqyaldi stated that this activity is one of GenBI PNL's work programs in the Public Health Sector, as well as collaborating with Bank Indonesia to socialize the National Movement for Food Inflation Control in the midst of the current conditions from GenBI PNL to try to make the best contribution for the good of the community, GenBI later PNL will continue to launch social programs that benefit the people of Lhokseumawe.

"With activities like this, we hope that in the future, young people out there will participate in becoming young people who can benefit the surrounding environment, be productive in offering ideas and ideas through real action," he added.