Lhokseumawe Police Chief and Head of Staff of 0103/Aut Military District Command as Speakers at PKKMB Activities

Lhokseumawe - The speakers on the second day of Campus Life Orientation for New Students (PKKBM) at the Lhokseumawe State Polytechnic (PNL) campus on Tuesday, (30/08/2022) were Lhokseumawe Precinct Police Chief (Kapolres) AKBP. Henki Ismanto, S.I.K, and Head of Staff of Military District Command (Kasdim) 0103/Aut Mayor Jumiin, S. Sos., M.SM.

Lhokseumawe Precinct Police Chief AKBP Henki explained material related to Community Security and Order.
"The word "safe" has many meanings in Kamtibmas [public security and order], including safe and free from physical and psychological disturbances. Kamtibmas is a necessity that cannot be separated from the overall course of national development, especially the community's ability to maintain individual and environmental security, "said Henki, who served seven years in Makassar.
Henki told the new students that they could become "policemen/women" on their own because the number of [regular] police officers in Indonesia is not proportional to the population.

"Be a ‘policeman’ for yourself. In Indonesia, a police officer protects 1,200 people. Consequently, the police have a challenging job, according to the Alumni of Sespimmen in 2019 and the Police Academy in 2004.
He also emphasized the importance to master technology in the millennial generation.

"The current generation must be a millennial generation that is very digitally savvy," Henki concluded.

Previously, in front of new PNL students participating in PKKMB 2022, the Chief of Staff of Military District Command (Kasdim) 0103/Aut Mayor Jumiin, S.Sos., M.SM emphasized the importance of defending the country and national insight.

The officer who completed NCO school (Secaba) in 1991 and Army officer school (Secapa) in 2001 stressed the significance of protecting the nation and having a strong sense of national identity because Indonesia is a large country and because of its strategic location, many other countries desire to rule it.

Jumiin stated that Indonesia has a pluralistic and diverse ethnic, cultural, religious, and theistic population.


Citizens have a responsibility to protect their country, he said in his conclusion.