These are the messages of Wadir I PNL, when sent off JTM students to the NWC Event

Lhokseumawe - Vice Director for Academic Affairs, Student Affairs and Alumi of Lhokseumawe State Polytechnic (PNL), Ir. Zamzami, S.T, M.Eng in his remarks at the release of students from the Department of Mechanical Engineering (JTM) yesterday (13/09/2022) to take part in the National Welding Competition (NWC) at the Medan State Polytechnic, which will take place September 15-19 2022, said that PNL students participating in the NWC must be confident and optimistic.


"You have to be confident, follow procedures and always think positively and optimistically, that you are able to compete with other participants from all over Indonesia," said Zamzami.


"All of you must obey the principles and be disciplined in time, no more and no less than the committee's provisions," continued Zamzami.


He also emphasized to JTM students who will take part in the NWC event to socialize and mingle with other participants.


"You also have to socialize and mingle as well as open a discussion with the other two participants, don't be nervous and stay confident," Zamzami repeated.


"Our hope is that you come home with a champion and maintain the good name of the alma mater at the national level," he continued.


Zamzami also said that it's important to stay motivated and mentally stay focused on the skills that have been honed at the JTM PNL Welding and Metal Fabrication Laboratory so that they can win the championship.


Finally, Zamzami reminded students who were about to leave to ask their parents for blessing.


"Ask and ask for prayers and blessings to each parent," Zamzami recalled in front of JTM students who were about to leave for the NWC event.


Furthermore, at the release activity which was held in the PNL Director's Meeting room, Hamdani, S.ST., MT as the Head of JTM said that there were four JTM students who would take part in the NWC event..


The four JTM students who will take part in the NWC event are T. Rahmad Saputra who will participate in the 2G pipe TIG welding competition, Syahrul Nurdin will participate in the 3G Smaw Plate welding competition, Muhammad Rizki will participate in SMAw 2G pipe welding, and Iqbal Zulfahmi will compete in the welding competition. Gmaw Plate 3G.


In line with Wadir I, Hamdani also emphasized on students who will take part in the competition to be confident and ask for the blessing of their parents.


"Stay confident, keep trying and don't forget to ask your parents' blessing," said Hamdani.


According to the public relations team, who attended the event the Vice Director of PNL III, Ir. Sariyusda, Secretary of JTM Turmizi, S.T, M.T, Head of the D4 Study Program in Welding Engineering and Metal Fabrication Technology Azwinur, ST, M.T, Head of JTM Laboratorium Adi Saputra Ismi, ST ,MT and Coordinator of KUI and DUDI PNL Ir. Azwar, S.T, M.Sc