The Director of PNL sent-off a student to the USA

Wednesday (04/01/2023) in his office, Director of Lhokseumawe State Polytechnic (PNL) Ir. Rizal Syahyadi, ST., M.Eng.Sc briefed a scholarship recipient to the United States for the Global Undergraduate Exchange Program, from the American Indonesian Exchange Foundation (AMINEF) Fullbright Indonesia.

Rizal Syahyadi advised scholarship recipients to make the most of the opportunity in his remarks.

Didi advised, "Study well, don't waste opportunities, take care of your health, don't abandon prayer, and constantly safeguard the reputation of our alma mater."

Didi added that he will always advocate for participation in other abroad scholarship programs.

"I will allow you to participate in additional scholarship programs after your return from America," he continued.

Didi said, "In order to compete with foreign students, you must be self-assured, adhere to protocols, and maintain a perpetually cheerful outlook."

Finally, Didi reminded him to seek his parents' approval.

Didi recalled, "Ask your parents for permission and send our greetings to your parents."

Previously, the head of the Department of Civil Engineering, Syukri, ST., MT, stated that scholarship recipients would attend The University of Alabama.


Teuku Ikhsanul Sabri from the Civil Engineering Department, Road and Bridge Construction Engineering DIV Study Program (TRKJJ) earned the award and will spend one semester at The University Of Alabama, USA, he explained.

Syukri also emphasized the need for continued self-improvement.


"You must improve yourself; therefore, what is required are innovative pupils who, if necessary, also study other foreign languages," stated Syukri.



Deputy Director I for Academic, Student, and Alumni Affairs Ir. Zamzami, ST., M.Eng, Public Relations and Cooperation Coordinator Ir. Muhammad Hatta, S.ST., MT, and Head of Civil Engineering English Corner Yusnimar, S.Pd., M.Tesol were also present at the release.