Ikapolinel Chapter Jabodetabek Successfully Held Meet and Greet for PNL Alumni and Management

Jakarta - The Lhokseumawe State Polytechnic Alumni Association (Ikapolinel) Chapter Jabodetabek Region has successfully held a friendly greet and meet event for Alumni and Management of Politeknik Negeri Lhokseumawe (PNL). This activity was carried out on Saturday (19/11/2022) at the Grand Kemang Hotel, South Jakarta.

The Daily Chief of the Jabodetabek Ikapolinel H. Muhammad Mufid said that this activity was carried out due to the support and good cooperation between the Jabodetabek Ikapolinel and the PNL Career Development Center (CDC).

"We have carried out activities like this 3 times in Jakarta, in 2017 at Hotel V, in 2019 at the Teras Kita Hotel, and this year at the Grand Kemang Hotel. This activity was carried out because of the full support of the PNL Management, PNL CDC and Central Kapolinel, " he explained.

Muhfid adde that currently the Ikapolinel Jabodetabek has a secretariat and halfway house for students who are street vendors, apprentices and fresh graduate alumni who are looking for work in the Greater Jakarta area.

General Chairperson of the Central Ikapolinel, Tajuddin Nur, ST, in his remarks said that alumni have a big role in the progress of the campus. For this reason, alumni must provide the best advice and input to the campus so that graduates can be absorbed in the world of work.

"Through the suggestions and input of alumni, PNL can evaluate what needs to be added and improved, so that graduates are quickly absorbed into the world of work, as well as campus accreditation will continue to increase," explained the Chairman of AKLI Aceh.

PNL Director Ir. Rizal Syahyadi, ST. M.Eng.Sc in his speech expressed his gratitude and appreciation for the support and attention of Jabodetabek PNL alumni. Communication and collaboration between campuses and alumni has been going well so far.

"Communication and collaboration so far have been well established. Most of the suggestions and input from alumni have been addressed. And thank God, in the last 3 years PNL's achievements have continued to increase, the average GPA of graduates is above 3, as well as an increase in mastery of foreign languages and soft skills we also respond and implement it," said the Chairman of the PII Lhokseumawe City.

The man who is usually called Didi hopes that Jabodetabek PNL alumni who already have their own companies will soon be scheduled to sign an MoU and MoA with PNL to support Merdeka belajar Kampus Merdeka (MBKM) [ Freedom to lear, independent campus].

"I hope that all PNL alumni [who manage in many] companies in Jabodetabek are obliged to cooperate with PNL. Likewise with alumni partner companies so that they can be invited to work together," he hoped

In the event, a sharing session was also held with successful alumni guided by Ir. Muhammad Hatta, SST. MT Coordinator of PNL Public Relations and Cooperation and Winayono, a 1988 PNL alumni who is also the HRD Manager of the Grand Kemang Hotel.

Diana, SE. M.Sc. Ak as the Head of Career Development (CDC) for PNL as the chief executive of PNL activities said that the important points in the sharing session included recording all alumni companies operating in the Jabodetabek area to sign the MoU, listing alumni who were able to become resource persons, presenters and practicing lecturers for teaching on campus and so on.

"There are lots of constructive suggestions and input from alumni, because what alumni convey is in accordance with their experience in the industry," he concluded

Also present were the Directors of PNL for the 2007-2011 and 2015-2019 periods Ir. H. Nahar, MT, Vice Director III of the PNL Ir. Sariyusda, MT, Head of Civil Engineering Department (Kajur) Syukri, ST. MT, Head of Chemical Engineering Dr. Ir. Saifuddin, MT, Head of Mechanical Engineering Department Hamdani, SST. MT, Head of Electrical Engineering M. Yassir, ST. M.Eng, Head of Business Administration Zulkarnaini, SE. M.Si.Ak. CA, Head of ICT department M. Arhami, S.Si. M.Kom and 120 PNL alumni in the Greater Jakarta area