DWP PNL Officially Inaugurated

Lhokseumawe - The DWP Directorate General of Vocational Education's Chairperson, Fridha zoelqaidawati Beny Bandanadjaja, has formally inaugurated the Dharma Wanita Lhokseumawe State Polytechnic Association (DWP PNL) for the 2019–2024 period.

"First, let me thank you for the PNL DWP's invitation. I am very proud that this PNL DWP was the first to be confirmed. Said Fridha Zoelqaidawati during a speech on Monday, August 29, 2022, in the PNL Main Building Hall.

The mission of DWP, according to Fridha, is to develop qualified and globally-aware human resources, to democratically prosper members, families, and communities through the fields of education, the economy, and socio-culture, to increase multi-stakeholder cooperation in the implementation of the DWP work program, and to create an integrated DWP management information system.

"We support the husband wherever he is, not just at home but also work," Fridha said.

Previously, the PNL DWP Chairperson, drg. Nadia Sartika stated in her speech that today's DWP PNL has been officially confirmed and is the first DWP to be inaugurated.

"The PNL DWP was officially inaugurated today. For this, I express my heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to all PNL DWP administrators who have worked tirelessly with complete cohesion, based on the values of togetherness and kinship, so that the PNL DWP is increasingly capable of lending its color to the development and advancement of our beloved PNL "she stated.

Nadia also hopes that every PNL DWP member will carry out their mandates and duties.

"DWP PNL must be capable of serving as both a source of inspiration and support for their respective husbands' work wherever they are stationed." Nadia's Wish.

Ir. Rizal Syahyadi, ST, M.Eng, Sc, the PNL Director, and DWP supervisor, expresses his deep appreciation and sincere gratitude for the cooperation that has already been established.

He said, "I appreciate DWP PNL for the cohesiveness that has so far been established.

"I urge [DWP] to maintain friendship and teamwork at all times.",

We thank you for being the first [DW] to be inaugurated." Hope Rizal “Didi” Syahyadi.