The Director of PNL Sent off 27 PMMB Batch II and MISB Batch III Students in 2022

Lhokseumawe - The Director of PNL, Ir. Rizal Syahyadi, ST., M.Eng. Sc, briefed and released 27 PNL students to participate in the Certified Student Internship Program (PMMB) Batch II and the Certified Independent Study Internship Program (MSIB) Batch III 2022.

Yesterday, Thursday (10/27/2022), the debriefing and release activity took place in the Director's Meeting Room. The event was attended by Ir. Zamzami, ST., M.Eng, Vice Director I for Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, and Alumni, Ir. Sariyusda, MT, Vice Director III for Planning, Cooperation, and Information Systems, and the PNL's heads of departments and study programs.

In his direction, Rizal Syahyadi reminded students participating in certified internships to maintain their attitudes and behavior.

"Please behave well because you are PNL ambassadors," remembers Rizal Syahyadi.

Furthermore, Rizal Syahyadi also advised students who take part in certified internships to take advantage of current opportunities.

Take advantage of this chance; hopefully, after your internship, you will be able to work there as an employee, advised Didi, as he is more commonly known.


In a previous report, Diana, SE., Ak., M.Si, the Head of UPT for Career Development and Student Entrepreneurship (PK2M), stated that for PMMB Batch II Year 2022, PT. Banda Aceh State Savings Bank received two people from the Department of Commerce, PT. Perkebunan Nusantara I Langsa accepted seven people from the Departments of Commerce and Electrical Engineering and PT. Timah (Persero) Tbk. received two people from the Department of Commerce and ten from the Departments of Mechanical Engineering and Pupuk Iskandar Muda Lhokseumawe.


For the MISB Batch III Program, the ICT Department sent two representatives to PT. Stechoq Robotics Indonesia, 1 to PT. Can Artificially Indonesia, 1 to Terra Weather Pte. Ltd., 1 to the Ministry of Communication and Information, and 1 to PT. Cadfem Simulation Technology Indonesia. The Mechanical Engineering Department sent one representative to PT. Cadfem Simulation Technology Indonesia.

The best students from various majors are chosen because this program is a national one with fierce competition from PTN/PTS across Indonesia, Diana said.


"Therefore, younger students must be able to maintain the good name of the PNL campus, which has had a very harmonious cooperative relationship with the company where the younger siblings are apprentices and other SOEs," he continued.

Diana also directed that students must follow the rules, perform well, and have work motivation and innovation that must be demonstrated so that these conditions will provide opportunities and good assessments from the company to students and alumni later in seizing career opportunities and working in companies.

"So from now on, it is time for students to work and take advantage of opportunities if they want to seize the job market," said Diana.

Meanwhile, Vice director I for Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, and Alumni Ir. Zamzami, ST., M.Eng in his direction, said that students who have been selected should be proud.


"You should be proud that so many students have chosen you. For that, take advantage of this momentum. Take advantage of this opportunity," he said.

Furthermore, Zamzami reminded me about the attitude that every internship student must maintain.


"You must believe in yourself as the best in the selection process. For that, you must maintain an attitude," concluded Zamzami.